Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Angry God

I've been reading Exodus these past few weeks, and really trying to understand it. There are many confusing parts in the story, parts that I just don't understand.

in chapter 4 it talks about how God was going to kill Moses because he was not circumcised but then moses' wife cut the foreskin off her son and touched Moses with it and God left Moses alone. things like that.. if God wanted Moses to do His work then why would He want to kill him??

The book is teaching me that God will go to any length to get His work done. He is a JUST, TRUE, RIGHTEOUS, and a being that should be feared. I'm not talking about respect. I'm talking about FEAR! Knee trembling, eyes twitching kind of fear. Fear of the one that could make or destroy anything. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. So to fear the Lord is to be wise.. I'm still wrestling with this, because all my life we have heard that God is loving, and gracious, and kind, and gentle... He is all of those things, but He is also to be feared. Its something I'm working through and thinking about on my journey to find joy! All i know is that 2012, is going to be an incredible year. Ups and Downs, but still Christ in the centre.

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