Friday, November 25, 2011

Finding Joy in my waiting

This lesson "being joyful in my waiting" has been a lesson that God has been continually showing me. Last march was the first time I heard this message and I thought that it could apply to me, but I wasnt sure how. Well, fast forward to now and here I am, waiting for God to show me our next move, to put something on our hearts, to move us to where he wants us next, and I'm Waiting...

So part of my nature is that I dont like waiting, i found out what i was having when i was pregnant, i dont like waiting until Christmas to give my gifts, or open mine for that matter, i dont like lines, i want my children to behave right now and not have to teach them (why arent they born that way?) i am not a patient being. Ive actually quite often said that i was going to stop praying for patience because then God wouldnt have to put me in situations to be patient.. WRONG!!! God teaches us how He sees fit and not according to our own selfish desires. HA lesson 1.

Well last week in California i was chatting with the ladies i was with about this message i heard back in march about being joyful in your waiting. .. fast forward 2 days... listening to Joyce Myer on a pod cast... be joyful in your waiting... Graham cook pod cast the next day... Be joyful in your waiting... Sunday morning a lady got up to share after worship a word that God placed on her heart to share with us... BE JOYFUL IN YOUR WAITING!!! (needless to say.. but i bursted out in tears and sobbed for about 5 minutes and couldnt even concentrate on the sermon, God has spoken to me. Clear as day... )

God are you trying to teach me something here?? you what? want me to be joyful in my waiting? you dont want me to lay down and be miserable? you really do want me to have a full abundant life, and you do want whats best for me... you dont just want me to constantly live in misery over not having my answers here and now? I dont get it?! Well I do get it. God has called Ryan and I into ministry, and He will reveal himself and his perfect plans to us as he sees fit, but in the mean time we are to love life. we are to be joyful and find the best we can in amongst our situations... SHOCKING!!

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