Monday, August 1, 2011

Gods gift to me

Some say that people come into our lives because of fate, but I believe that God has designed each
friendship for specific times in our lives when we need those people the most! Friendships are very important to me, and when one goes sour, I find it most difficult to make it though. Although with Gods strength and infinite wisdom I always make it out alive! Sometimes we make choices that cause our friendships to become disconnected, and sometimes its just circumstances. Sometimes though circumstances dont cause disconnections, but rather tighter bonds.

I've had a couple friends in the past few years move to Ontario. My friend Heather moved there a probably about 5 years ago. I hate to say it, but we were disconnected
before her move (we went to bible college together and travelled to China with the school). While she was in Thunderbay our friendship flourished. She is a straight shooter, and I appreciate people like that. Even though we dont get to chat often, because life gets in the way, we have a strong friendship that nothing could break. We are here when the other one needs, and I dont think I would have made it in my marriage had it not been for her.

On August 12th this month, my other friend Erin is moving to Ontario as well. We've been friends for the past 8.5 years. Our husbands lived together in bible school and Matt was in our wedding party. Although Ryan and Matts relation
ship has, lets say, hit a dry spell, mine and Erins friendship has never been stronger. I recently made a fool of myself and used a lot of hurtful words towards Erin, and none of which looking back are accurate. Hurt and anger filled my brain and i had verbal diarrhea. It was embarrassing and cold. Hurtful and mean, but because of Erins love for people she welcomed me with open arms. She forgave me and allowed our friendship to become even stronger then it was before. I am so thankful for that. Im so grateful that Erin was there through my 2.5 pregnancies. That she helped me through my postpartum depression, my miscarriage/tubal pregnancy. She helped raise Levi for the 2nd year of his life as i wen
t back to work, and she loved him like her own.

Erin is the most amazing friend I have ever had, and even though she is moving, and this chapter in life is closing, I know without a shadow of a doubt that God has great things in store for both of us. Great new friendship, and strengthening this old one!

Erin if you ever read this, THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart, i thank you. With ever fibre of my being, i thank you, with each breath that God gives me, there is a whisper of thanks to you. You are a source of strength to me, you ar
e a roll model, you are the best friend that a woman could ask for. You are appreciated and loved!

Our kids will need to skype. thank God that we live in this day and age where we can still follow each others lives, and as you begin your new life in Ontario, know that Im praying for you, your kids, your marriage and your future friendship, may they be rich, and real, honest, and genuine. Please though dont ever forget the wonderful times we've had.

Until next time my b
eautiful friend...

I love you!

Erin meeting Levi for the first time!


  1. Ash, I'm crying so hard I can barely type. You too have been an amazing friend. I have blessed beyond measure that you have been and will continue to be a part of my life. Friends make mistakes on both sides and the test of true friendship is accepting each others shortcomings, embracing our strangeness and loving us in spite of them or even sometimes because of them. You have loved me for who I am and I appreciate that so much, I am far from perfect and do stupid stuff all the time but I know that you are there for me. Thank you for the past 8.5 years and especially the past 4 as we raised our kids together. It hurts to think that Levi and Vaughn aren't going to do their first day of school together and see each other to play but I know the Lord has amazing things in store for your family and I can't wait to see and be apart of it all. Love you my friend!

  2. Oh and I always read your updates, so keep them coming :)