Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ukraine, a reality

I've longed for the opportunity to go to Ukraine with Ryan since he started going 7 year ago. But it was never a reality. I had to work, or work, or work. or well work, and now that I have kids it has been especially impossible to go. But when theres a will theres a way, and I found a way.

Ill be leaving my kids here in town while I go away for 12 days. My parents have graciously agreed to come stay at my house while they work, and I'll have one of the girls from church come watch the boys day to day. It'll work out perfectly. God has really granted this desire for my life, especially since the ministry we'll be doing is right up my ally.

Well be living in an orphanage in Lviv for 10 days. Sleeping, eating and playing with children. Running daily activities for them, but mostly loving them. I cannot wait. This has been a dream of mine for some time, not only to go on my first missions trip with my husband but to work in an orphanage. God is so good and when you trust and obey Him, things happen that you could never expect outside of His grace.

Im so excited and i have already started making lists of things to pack. its 3 weeks away, and it couldnt come soon enough.

Lord I pray you open my heart, open my eyes, and help me to see these children the way you see them. grown my compassion for them, and my passion for you. teach me something new, and guide my steps in every way. Thank you for this gift. You are so gracious to me.


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